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Classic shirtwaist dress giveawayClassic shirtwaist dress giveaway

Stretch & Sew 1575OK, enough of that kids’ stuff already!  Today’s giveaway is for grown-ups!

This is Stretch & Sew 1575, a classic shirtwaist dress originally from the 1960s, but this is the 1970s reissue.  It’s a very generously sized B 28-40, so this will fit just about everyone. Until I opened it to check, I don’t think anyone had so much as looked at this, so everything’s there and pretty much in the factory folds.

The rules

  • You may enter only once.
  • You must follow the entry rule below to enter. Only those following that rule will be eligible for the giveaway.
  • This contest will close at 8:30 a.m. EST on Sunday, June 20.
  • To select the winner, I’ll use a random number generator.
  • I will ship anywhere in the world, but expect it to come by the slowest boat there is.  :)

I will announce the winner on this blog on Monday, and you’ll have until noon EST on Wednesday, June 23 to send me your snail mail address.  If I don’t hear from you by then, I’ll pick another winner.

This means you need to look at this blog (NOT THIS PARTICULAR POST) again on Monday if you want to actually win this pattern if your comment is selected.

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To enter

In the comments below, answer the following question: Do you have a tried-and-true pattern that you return to (or are temped to!) again and again?


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I’m almost to my 100th post!  Look for a 100th post giveaway extravaganza!!!

16 comments to Classic shirtwaist dress giveaway

  • No I haven’t. I try something new out each time, plus a lot of my work is from self-drawn patterns.

  • Yes, I have made three dresses from the first pattern I bought, Simplicity 2588. It’s not a vintage pattern, but it is very vintage inspired. There are so many sleeve, skirt, and detail variations in it that you can’t even really tell that the dresses are from the same pattern!

  • I have this one pattern from the 70′s that includes a vest/jacket, skirt, and pants. I have made the vest twice and it fits me as I make it and then every time I go to wear it it gets bigger and bigger! (Note: this is actually me getting smaller, but shhh, let me blame it on the magic vest. I eventually got so small that I had to give my beautiful first attempt with the lapels made from a fantastic bright blue vintage plaid to my more voluptuous younger sister. I hope she actually wears it!) I hate doing armhole facings, but somehow I can’t stop burning to make this pattern every time I look through my collection and see the adorable, oh-so-seventies coordinations on the envelope!

  • Michelle

    I have this great 70′s maternity pattern that I just love. It has the cutest little shorts and neat pants. I look foward to when my baby comes so I can get back to sewing normal people sized patterns!

  • Not yet. But I’m searching for it! I have a couple that I like pretty well, they’re a shirtwaist style dress with a peter pan collar and a yoked top dress.

  • Not really. I really like making different patterns all the time. This shirtdress would be a new one to try!

  • I tend to have little patience for making a pattern more than once, however I have made New Look 6901 (a knit shirt) twice now and expect to make it more. It’s not perfect, but it’s easy and super quick.

  • jackie

    Not a complete pattern but i have one that i found in a magazine and the sleeves are perfect so i tend to use them a lot on different to make different clothes.

  • Katherine

    I followed the link from Sew Retro, and I’m glad I did because I have bookmarked you now.
    I’m not sure this really counts (given that its just a template cut from newspapers that I stuck together) but I think you can’t beat a circle skirt. Just yesterday I made a circle skirt from red gingham. I find the style quite flattering.

  • I have a top pattern from the mid 1950′s that I go to for everything. It has three variations, halter, strapless and thin straps. It’s fully boned and lined. I use it all the tip for the top of dresses. I must have made it in 30 different ways over the past 10 years since I bought it….for 25cents!

  • Kara

    I have just started to Sew and am still learning the basics. The pattern that I have been using to teach myself is a wrap shirt and an A-line skirt, though i have only attempted the skirt. With that skirt I have mad my own pattern to make a top for it and made it into a dress. It’s red with white polka-dots! And I am very proud of it!

  • Kjersti

    No, not yet. I have recently made a pair of self-drafted shorts that I plan to sew again. I’m always looking for new and inspiring patterns.

  • not yet…but looking for that perfect pattern!

  • Krystal

    No, I don’t… still looking!

  • Michelle

    I have used Simplicity 4206 probably 10 times since I bought it last summer. It’s not vintage, but it taught me so much about sewing. I’ve altered the original pattern in many ways (made it long sleeved, made it a dress, etc.) to suit my tastes. I’m glad I bought the pattern in two different sizes when it was on sale so I can continue to make things for my daughter as she grows. Now that I’ve discovered vintage patterns (and a local antique store that sells many, many of them), I’m wide open to a new favorite!

  • Jackline

    Simplicity 2865 is my go to. There is nothing like a tank dress in a variety of fabrics!

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